IAEA and EANM take long-standing cooperation to the next level

IAEA and EANM take long-standing cooperation to the next level
(Photo: D. Calma/IAEA)

The IAEA and the EANM signed an agreement which formalizes their cooperation and aims at further improving access to high quality education in diagnostic, including hybrid imaging, and therapeutic applications in nuclear medicine.

This agreement presents a logical consequence of the well-established cooperation, as it progressed naturally over the past years and intensified since 2013. The fruitful collaboration is characterized by mutual trust and dedication to the common goal of enhancing accessibility to educational opportunities for professionals in the field of nuclear medicine and multimodality imaging worldwide.

The collaboration between the EANM and the IAEA has manifested itself in different joint activities, such as, but not limited to, the EANM’s contribution to the IAEA events IPET 2011, IPET 2015, IMIC 2013 and IMIC 2016, as well as the development of 24 recorded webinars for the IAEA Human Health Campus. Further, the IAEA supported the participation of 55 nuclear medicine practitioners in six specialized EANM courses in 2016.

“The IAEA’s continuous cooperation with major professional organizations such as the European Association of Nuclear Medicine is instrumental to increase the support we provide to Member States in the field of nuclear medicine. Together, we are enabling communities around the world to take advantage of the benefits that this medical specialty has to offer. Signing this important practical arrangement marks the longstanding relationship of two organizations dedicated to support efforts globally in the diagnostic and therapeutic applications of nuclear medicine”, said Diana Paez, Section Head of the Nuclear Medicine and Diagnostic Imaging Section.

Kristoff Muylle, EANM President, agrees and adds: “This agreement not only assures the continuity of the fruitful collaboration between IAEA and EANM in providing high quality training in diagnostic and therapeutic applications in nuclear medicine worldwide, but is also an incentive for the EANM to further improve the quality of education in nuclear medicine. In this context, the EANM reviewed and modernised its educational system in 2016 and founded the European School of Multimodality Imaging & Therapy (ESMIT), representing EANM’s response to the rising demand for dedicated training in all modalities related to hybrid imaging and new therapeutic applications in the nuclear medicine training program.”

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