The volunteers serving on EANM Committees are scientific pillars of the association. They offer invaluable service in the publication of procedural guidelines and other scientific papers, contribute to the educational programme of the ESNM and to other scientific projects and network with other societies in their respective specialty.

Chair: F. Paycha (France)

Chair: H. Verberne (Netherlands)

Chair: M. Konijnenberg (Netherlands)

Chair: A. Gee (United Kingdom)

Chair: W.H. Knapp (Germany)

Chair: A. Signore (Italy)

Chair: I. Law (Denmark)

Chair: S. Fanti (Italy)

Chair: Z. Bar-Server (Israel)

Chair: C. Hindorf (Sweden)

Chair: M. Lassmann (Germany)

Chair: M. Behe (Switzerland)

Chair: P. Fragoso Costa (Germany)

Chair: M. Luster (Germany)

Chair: M. De Jong (Netherlands)

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