Drug Development

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In vivo imaging in the 21st century is increasingly being performed with significant industrial collaborations between Pharmaceutical companies and academic and healthcare providers. This is a mutually beneficial situation which can enable in vivo imaging in ways previously unimaginable. The Drug Development Interest Group is a springboard for those of you interested in engaging and finding out more about these activities. The field is multidisciplinary in nature, covering a gamut of activities including synthetic and medicinal chemistry, biology, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics/dynamics, clinical sciences, technology and instrumentation, mathematical modelling and physics.

Committee Chairpersons


A. Gee (United Kingdom)

Vice Chair

G. Bormans (Belgium)

Committee Members

Research and Communication Representative

J. Vercouillie (France)


L. Zimmer (France)

Education Representative

W. Deuther-Conrad (Germany)


L. Aloj (UK)


G. Smith (UK)


A. Kirjavainen (Finland)

Senior Advisor

H. Coenen (Germany)

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