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  • To develop and disseminate guidelines and recommendations for nuclear oncology procedures
  • To promote scientific exchange and collaborative work with other scientific Societies
  • To plan and organize scientific and educational sessions at international meetings
  • To foster interactions with industries
  • To promote and edit publications on nuclear oncology procedures
  • To provide information about the activities of the Committee to physicians, scientists and patients


Committee Chairpersons


S. Fanti (Italy)

Vice Chair

K. Herrmann (Germany)

Committee Members


A. Loft Jakobson (Denmark)

Contact with ICML

S. Barrington (UK)

Contact with Bone & Joint Committee

M. Beheshti (Austria)

Contact with Translational Molecular Imaging & Therapy Committee

A. Kjaer (Denmark)

Relations with other clinical societies

M. Meignan (France)

Contact with Radionuclide Therapy Committee

D. Rubello (Italy)

Relations with other clinical societies

P. Veit-Haibach (Switzerland)

Contact with Physics Committee

N. Aide (France)

Contact with Thyroid Committee

J. Adam (Netherlands)

Contact with Paediatrics Committee

E. Lopci (Italy)

Education Representative & Communication Representative

P. Pilkington (Spain)

Communication Representative

N. Manevska (Macedonia)

Senior Advisor

M. Bozkurt (Turkey)

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