ESMIT Impressions 2016-2017

Within this section, you can find the ESMIT Annual Report 2016, attendees’ feedback on ESMIT educational offers 2017 as well as photos and videos of these events.



ESMIT Annual Report 2016

Within this Report you will find details on the foundation of ESMIT, the composition of ESMIT and its Working Groups, the achievements within its 3 Levels and the goals for the coming years.

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ESMIT Level 2 Spring School 2017

March 31-April 2, 2017
ESMIT Learning Center
Groningen, The Netherlands

“It’s really amazing. Full of knowledge. Really improved my skills. I loved it.”

“Very informative sessions with a lot of clinical cases (very illustrative)”

“Thanks a lot for everything. The course was very informative and well organized. It was one of the most useful modules I attended. The instructors were excellent fluent and helpful with a great interactive way of delivering all the information.”

“Very nice event – I met a lot of good doctors from different countries and made new contacts.”

“Fundamental course from A to Z, a real refresher”

“There are still some opportunities for growth with the Hermes software (zoom, sequence changing in MRI). Anyways, thank you very much.”

“Time management – some lectures were too long and there was too little time for case reading and hands-on sessions.”

“If you want to have a look in the kitchen of Nuclear Medicine, you should definitely come, especially as radiology assistant. If you have even no knowledge at all, there is the course online to develop more knowledge about it before you start the course, which is really good. And you should have a look in that kitchen, because it is your co-worker in the future.”

ESMIT Level 2 Autumn School 2017

September 1-3, 2017
ESMIT Learning Center
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

“I think all the issues of nuclear medicine related to the discussed fields were touched upon! Thank you ESMIT for organizing the Autumn School!”

“There is nothing to add, I am already waiting for the next track!”

“I just want to say, “thank you” to the organization team and the speakers. There are a few things that could be changed but overall this ESMIT School was a great experience.”

“Everything was very good organized, from hand-on session to case session on board. I was so happy that very qualified tutors prepared very clear lectures.”

“Keep up with the good work! ESMIT classes are far better than the old ESNM format – multimodality imaging is the way to go.”

“I especially appreciated that the different lecturers coordinated their sessions and completed each other as well as encouraged an interactive learning experience. I was very satisfied with the quality of this School.”

“The School was very well organized and prepared. The teachers were experts in the field and created a very pleasant atmosphere, where it was ok to ask questions. The cases were relevant and reflected the level of the course.”

“I will recommend the School to my colleagues since it was very educational. Different imaging modalities were introduced and hands-on sessions were a great learning experience.”

ESMIT Level 3 Interactive Course on Radiopharmacy GMP 2017

November 9-10, 2017
ESMIT Learning Center
Vienna, Austria

“High level for contents and teachers. It has been a great occasion to get to know new collegues from all over the world.”

“The course gave a very good overview of the requirements of GMP and quality aspects of RP producation.”

“I liked the engagement of the lectures and the other participants best as well as the good lectures from the experts.”

“The course was very useful. The lecture was to the point and the work was organized in excellent process.”

“A good coverage of important GMP topics – very useful to local and centralised radiopharmaceuticals.”


ESMIT Level 2 Spring School 2017


ESMIT Level 2 Autumn School 2017


ESMIT Level 3 Interactive Course on Radiopharmacy GMP 2017


Click here to view more photos of the ESMIT Level 2 Spring & Autumn Schools 2017:

ESMIT Spring School 2017

ESMIT Autumn School 2017


Moreover, the ESMIT created a short clip giving some impressions on the Level 2 Spring School 2017 as well as conducted interviews with the ESMIT Leadership Members:

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