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Hereunder you can find the preliminary overview of ESMIT educational events taking place in 2018. Please note that this list will be adapted and completed on a regular basis. New events are also announced via the ESMIT vNewsletter. Subscribe now, if you want to stay up to date!

The ESMIT Leadership & Team is looking forward to welcoming you to one or more of these trainings!

February 23-25 Level 2 Winter School Bergamo, Italy
March 15-16 ESMIT Faculty Training Vienna, Austria
March 22-23 Level 3 Interactive Course on Brain Tumours Vienna, Austria
May 4-6 Level 2 Spring School  Ghent, Belgium
June 7-8 Level 3 Interactive Course on M2M First-In-Human Studies Vienna, Austria
June 18-19 Level 3 Interactive Course on Dosimetry Vienna, Austria
September 7-9 Level 2 Autumn School Belgrade, Serbia
September 13-14 Level 3 Interactive Course on Thyroid Cancer Vienna, Austria
October 12 ESMIT  Faculty Training Dusseldorf, Germany
November 15-16 Level 3 Interactive Course on Radiopharmacy GMP Vienna, Austria
November 22-23 Level 3 Interactive Course on Advanced Approach to Treatment Response Assessment in Oncology Vienna, Austria
December 3-5 Level 3 Advanced Course on Imaging in Infection & White Blood Cell Labelling Rome, Italy
December 10-11 Level 3 Course on PET/MR in Paediatric Oncology Vienna, Austria



Click here to view photos of the ESMIT Spring & Autumn Schools 2017:

ESMIT Spring School 2017

ESMIT Autumn School 2017


Moreover, the ESMIT created a short clip giving some impressions on the Spring School 2017 as well as conducted interviews with the ESMIT Leadership Members:

View Spring School Video

View Interviews



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