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The EANM is proud to announce the project start of QuaDRANT, a 30-months project on “Quality improvement through clinical audit in diagnostic and interventional radiology, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine”. The kick-off meeting took place in Luxembourg on February 5, 2020. The consortium (EANM, ESTRO and ESR as lead partner) now works with member states’ health authorities, auditing organisations and radiation protection bodies to assess the status quo of clinical audit in Europe and to develop further guidance in alignment with the European Commission.

QuADRANT aims to promote constant improvement in quality and safety of radiology, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine through the implementation of clinical audit as part of Member States’ healthcare systems. More specifically, the project will
a) review the status of implementation of clinical audits in the Member States;
b) identify good practices in Member States and available guidance and resources for clinical audits, at national, European and international level;
c) provide further guidance and recommendations on improving the implementation and integration of clinical audits into national healthcare systems;
d) identify potential for further coordinated EU action on quality and safety of radiology, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine.


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