Letter by the EANM President

Jolanta Kunikowska



Dear EANM Members, Dear Colleagues and Friends,

The year 2020 has been challenging for all of us, but a new year may open up new perspectives. With the launch of global vaccination there is now a dot on the horizon leading the way back to life as we knew and miss it.

For me personally it has been exciting to be part of the EANM activities over many years. Some of you may know me from my time as EANM National Delegate representing Poland, or as a member of the Oncology Committee. From the beginning of 2021 I now have the honour and privilege of starting my term as President of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine. In the past 6 years I had the pleasure of serving on the EANM Board, first as Treasurer in 2015, as Secretary/Treasurer in 2016-2018, and most recently in the capacity of President-Elect for the past two years. During the last 5 years especially, EANM has evolved into the world’s leading nuclear medicine association. I am committed to continue giving my absolute best and trust that my previous experience within our association will allow me to lead EANM into an even brighter future – together with all of you, the EANM family.


While proudly continuing the work of my predecessors and ensuring sustainability, I would like to introduce new projects and approaches to our community.

In the first instance, my goal – and indeed our joint goal – is to further develop EANM, to foster its role as the premier global society in hybrid imaging and targeted radionuclide therapy.

To achieve this, we need to safeguard the field of nuclear medicine while raising awareness of the beauty and benefit of our discipline, both within our community and in the wider world. I am convinced that we are ready for the next step of increasing our visibility by expanding our communication efforts. A high level of transparency and a true spirit of collaboration connect all the vital elements of EANM – the Committees, national and individual members, the Board and the community at large. Let us drive this together and let the world know how great nuclear medicine really is!


In particular, I am ready to invest time and resources in the pathways that have already proven beneficial in representing and fostering nuclear medicine in the European arena.


EANM is a shareholder and/or member of a large number of professional organisations, such as EIBIR (European Institute for Biomedical Imaging Research), BioMed Alliance, E.C.O (European Cancer Organisation) and others, which help us to make our voice heard at EU level.

We will certainly continue to collaborate with our sister societies and clinical partner societies in order to make our case.


I am fully aware of the strength of our next generation of experts within EANM, whom we want and need to represent, and who deserve a fully fledged educational programme within ESMIT and equal chances to develop and grow within our Committees. This also means we may have to step up our efforts to reach the younger generation via their preferred channels of communication. Some of my personal aims for the upcoming two years are to rejuvenate these channels within EANM, to bring a female flavour into our community when facing challenges and to strengthen the role of women in our speciality. I have started brainstorming with key female opinion leaders in the field to come up with ideas on how to empower women to increase the participation of female experts in the EANM community by creating a networking and mentoring programme for women.


With the increased level of activity, especially since the launch of EANM 2.0 in 2015, it has become very clear to the Board that it is high time to draft a strategy paper that gives clear directions on our way forward. This will be a priority for the Board and Committees in the early months of 2021. The strategy is to bring together our current activities (annual congress, Focus meeting, ESMIT’s teaching activities, publications) and new initiatives such as EU projects under one common umbrella. This is the next puzzle piece on our road to success.


Last but not least, I should now like to introduce the Board of 2021-2022, with whom I will have the pleasure of collaborating. Our new President-Elect Rudi Dierckx took over my former role as of 1 January this year, and three of our Board members were re-elected:


Two further Board members will continue their great work:

  • Paola Anna Erba EDUCATION CHAIR
  • Stefano Fanti CONGRESS CHAIR


Please stay tuned in the coming months for news from each of them and their projects.

I look forward to seeing you as soon as possible, whether online or preferably face-to-face!



Jolanta Kunikowska, EANM President 2021-2022





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