In memoriam

Professor Marion Hendriks-de Jong

Marion Hendriks-de Jong was a Professor and Principal Investigator of Translational Molecular Imaging & Therapy (TRACER), but most importantly she was our beloved friend and an enriching teacher to many of us in various ways.

As co-author of over 400 peer-reviewed papers and the principal investigator in several national and international research projects, Marion served in multiple international committees and boards. In terms of scientific interests, she was involved in preclinical and translational molecular multimodality imaging and radionuclide therapy.

Besides her own scientific work, Marion was strongly engaged in the EANM life, not just as a member but also in influential positions such as the Chair of the Translational Molecular Imaging & Therapy Committee from 2013 until 2017 as well as Vice-Chair in 2018 and Senior Advisor in 2019 of the same committee. Marion was also a long-time Scientific Programme Council Member, reviewer, chairperson and invited speaker at our annual congress. Many of us will very well remember the “M2M – Molecule to Man Track“ at the congress which she co-initiated, and, moreover, her outstanding Highlights Lecture under the clever and funny title: “Gimme gimme gimme those nuclear Super Troupers” in 2014. In Lyon in 2013, Marion obtained the most prestigious EANM Marie Curie Award for “A new route toward enhancing the uptake of [111In/177Lu-DOTA,Leu15]MG11 in CCK2R-positive xenografts in mice” – just one example of the many honours she has received.

Until recently, she was actively involved in the latest EANM activity – the Women Empowerment initiative, for which Marion helped us create a mentoring programme aimed at young talented women.

Marion, thank you for your indescribable dedication, you will continue to inspire us and will always have a special place in our hearts. You will never be forgotten!

Our condolences go out to her family and many friends.

Jolanta Kunikowsk, EANM President
on behalf of the EANM Board

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