Roger Perez Award Application Call Extended

Win up to 3 500 EUR! The Roger Perez Award celebrates those who are committed to improving the area of nuclear medicine by sharing their own knowledge and experience with others. The award is a bi-annual prize awarded to individuals or initiatives in the field as a recognition for their work in the field and as a support of their activities.

Who can apply?

  • Any candidates with relevant experience in Nuclear Medicine Education initiatives
  • The application must exemplify outstanding achievement in nuclear medicine education
  • The candidate may submit an application on their own behalf or be nominated by someone else

The application open call has just been re-opened! Find out more and apply here.

Roger Perez dedicated his life to Nuclear Medicine. He created the Nuclear Medicine Department of the American Hospital of Paris which he ran successfully for over 30 years. A profound humanist, Roger Perez gave great importance to education, be it in French institutions or at Harvard where he taught. The Roger Perez award encourages innovative pedagogical initiatives in our field.
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