Election Results

After a successful remote election, we are presenting you with the new composition of the EANM Board as of January 01, 2023. Please give a warm welcome to

  • Paola Anna Erba, EANM President Elect,
  • Felix Mottaghy, EANM Committee Coordinator,
  • Michel Koole, EANM Scientific Liaison Officer and
  • Wolfgang Wadsak, EANM Secretary/Treasurer (+1 year).

We gladly confirm that in 2023 the current elect positions will officially start their term of office, and Rudi Dierckx will take over as EANM President, Sona Balogova as EANM Education Chair and Valentina Garibotto as EANM Congress Chair. Both incumbent Internal Auditors, Lucia Kaliska and Bernd J. Krause, have been confirmed for a further term of office.

Congratulations to all!

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