Letter from the President

Jolanta Kunikowska



Dear EANM Members,

Dear colleagues and friends,

Time is flying, and it feels like I have only just taken up the role of EANM President. However, my term is already coming to an end. Therefore, I will give you a summary of the last two years.

As you remember, from the beginning of 2021, I presented you with my three priorities during my presidency. So, let’s summarise what has been achieved.

1. The EANM strategy is essential to guarantee continuity in the long term and also for future Boards.

The first time the EANM Board met and discussed the future of nuclear medicine was only possible in the autumn of 2021 after COVID regulations went into action several times. This Brainstorming Meeting led to the decision to separate strategic policy work (EANM) from the execution part (EARL). This separation resulted in the launch of the new EANM Policy & Regulatory Affairs Committee and the merger of the former Drug Development and Radiopharmacy Committees into the new Radiopharmaceutical Sciences Committee.

This policy priority has also been integrated on the EANM website through the presentation of the association‘s and volunteers‘ policy work and detailed listing of activities in the form of publications, partnerships and preparing policy positioning through key policy dossiers available via the EU-related publications. Further, regular exchanges with policymakers and scrutiny of legislation have been undertaken, and networking activities and the development of synergies were pursued. Examples would be:

  • The participation in a High-level Nuclear Roundtable Discussion (DG RTD – DG Research & Innovation), held by Mariya Gabriel (EU Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth) in February 2022,
  • And the EU Observatory meeting for the Supply of Medical Radioisotopes with Bartosz Arłukowicz (Member of the European Parliament, responsible for the European Beating Cancer Plan) in June 2022.

The 2022 Board Brainstorming Meeting was about the definition of the role of the Board and projects‘ prioritisation, and the results will be put into action at the beginning of next year.

2. Fostering the role and participation of women in nuclear medicine and within the EANM:

The Women’s EmpoWErment Task Force was established in the spring of 2021 and started its work that summer. Led by Laura Evangelista (IT), it organised an online survey to understand the general perception of women’s current role and unmet needs in nuclear medicine, which you can read here. The Women’s EmpoWErment Task Force was active during the EANM’22 Congress by interviewing attendees, e.g. on female leadership and challenges. Moreover, the group is finalising a programme for next year, including ESMIT and Congress activities, and is planning something special for the summer break. So, please follow the initiative on LinkedIn to be informed.

3. Communication has been significantly enhanced thanks to different newsletter formats made available to the community and targeting other topics, e.g. via the newer EANM Policy Bulletin and the ESMIT Newsletter or this Letter from the President. Furthermore, the EANM increased its communication via various social media channels by regularly updating about various publications, ESMIT courses, Congress and FOCUS updates or policy, and Committee and Board news.

Even though times were challenging, we could take something positive from this experience: the pandemic allowed us to foster e-learning! As a result, our ESMIT webinars and courses have been improved, and we have received many positive evaluations. We took constructive feedback to heart, so we decided to go with a new platform – Brightspace – where ESMIT offers an excellent programme.

The Focus 4 meeting was dedicated to ‘Molecular Imaging and Therapy in Haematological Tumours’. Unfortunately, it had to be postponed and then cancelled due to the pandemic; nonetheless, we were able to obtain a consensus with the panellists. Consequently, a consensus paper based on the Delphi study has been finalised and is ready for submission to The Lancet Haematology. Also, please save the date for the Focus 5 Meeting in Sevilla on February 2–4, 2023. The topic will be ‘Molecular Imaging and Theranostics in Prostate Cancer – the Future Begins Today’.

Theranostics is not only the topic of the Focus 5 Meeting but was also the motto of the EANM Congress in Barcelona, which finally took place in person after two years of virtual meetings. The Arena, a new session format aimed at fostering live discussions, was well received, and the room was always crowded. Additionally, we used new communication formats like podcasts and vlogs.

This year, our Committees are strongly involved in Theranostics and published the ‘Joint EANM, SNMMI and IAEA enabling guide: how to set up a theranostics centre‘ and the EANM Technologists’ Guide 2022 on ‘Radionuclide Therapy Management‘.  Since the pandemic, 26 guidelines, six position papers and eight editorials have been issued.

Together with my friends from the EANM Board, we are actively engaged in the following:

  • Networking activities and discussions with pan-European organisations such as EIBIR (European Institute for Biomedical Imaging Research), ECO (European Cancer Organisation), IAEA, OECD, NEA (Nuclear Energy Agency), BioMedical Alliance Europe as well as with industry partners, e.g. NMEU (Nuclear Medicine Europe – The Industry Association);
  • Collaborations and exchanges with sister societies (international NM associations, such as SNMMI, AZSNM and JSNM) and clinical societies, such as ETA, ESC, EAN, EAU and ENETS.

Moreover, I would like to thank all our volunteering Committee Members, National Delegates, Working Group members, authors, reviewers, panellists, moderators and presenters, Board Members and the Executive Office for their hard work and support. Without you, our association would not exist, and I, as President, and the whole Board, would not be able to achieve so much!

It is impossible to summarise my entire presidency and what happened during my term in one newsletter. But I hope that I have given you a brief overview of the past two years. All of our activities can be found in the other issues of the Letter from the President.

Now, it is time for change and to present to you the new Board. From next year on, the EANM will be led by Rudi Dierckx as EANM President with the collaboration and support of:

  • President-Elect: Paola Anna Erba,
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Wolfgang Wadsak,
  • Committee Coordinator: Felix Mottaghy,
  • Scientific Liaison Officer: Michel Koole,
  • Congress Chair: Valentina Garibotto, and
  • Education Chair: Sona Balogova.

Welcome on board! I cordially congratulate all of them and wish them fruitful work and the best of success.

With these words, I would like to close this year’s agenda and encourage you to enjoy the remaining days of 2022. May the New Year 2023 be the year your dreams come true. – The year in which your dreams may turn into reality, and all your fears may fade away. Season’s greetings to all of you!


Jolanta Kunikowska

EANM President 2021–2022

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