Letter from the President

   Rudi A. J. O. Dierckx



Dear EANM community,
Dear colleagues and friends,

As we enter the second quarter of 2023, the newly formed EANM Board is also making strides in its initiatives.

In addition to the regular operations related to ESMIT, the Committees and the EANM’23 Congress, I have identified three key priorities for the weeks to come, and many related actions are already being implemented.

1. Innovation & Renovation

The EANM’23 Congress, at the forefront of Nuclear Medicine advancements, keeps attracting a larger audience. Likewise, the nuclear medicine field is growing exponentially, and it is thus imperative for the EANM to embrace innovation. With this regard, three groups focusing on theranostics, optical imaging, and artificial intelligence have been established to advise the EANM Board. Additional groups will be launched in the near future to cover even more topics, such as health technology assessment to address health authorities’ inquiries. Innovation within the field also includes enhancing existing techniques (‘renovation’), like SPECT in the setting of radioligand therapy or bone scan in cardiac amyloidosis.

2. European & Global Context

The European legislative framework greatly influences the nuclear medicine community’s everyday work. In this context, the EANM Board fully endorses the successful work of the Policy and Regulatory Affairs Committee (PRAC) in Brussels, and strongly supports the EANM’s involvement in many European initiatives. As a result, more expert volunteers will be needed to support the growing demand. Additionally, we have engaged with the National Delegates and the leaders of the 40 EANM National Member Societies to better understand their needs and offer our support whenever feasible. The EANM also places great importance on collaboration with stakeholders beyond Europe, as we recognise the valuable knowledge we gain from them. Together, we can foster mutual learning and strengthen our collective efforts in advancing Nuclear Medicine.

3. Quality & Value-Based Imaging

In a competitive environment, ultimately it is quality that prevails. This translates into a growing demand for accreditation programmes provided by EANM Research GmbH (EARL) and a broader range of modalities and indications being offered. Furthermore, an EARL certification programme for therapy centres will be launched this year. It is also noteworthy that quality extends beyond patient care and encompasses teaching, training, and research, areas where leadership plays a crucial role. Several initiatives are underway to address this, including the revival of the Young Investigator Meeting (YIM), which focuses on nurturing the next generation in Nuclear Medicine. Quality also implies value-based imaging, inherent to our field. The related health technology assessment is what we need to convince our health authorities for reimbursement and further investments. Let us pay attention to the socio-economic evidence.

Together, we will continue to drive the field forward and make a lasting impact on patient care and scientific progress.


Rudi Dierckx

EANM President 2023–2024

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