Letter from the President

Rudi A. J. O. Dierckx



Dear EANM community,
Dear colleagues and friends,

My name is Rudi Dierckx. I am a Nuclear Medicine physician working in Groningen. More background information you may find on LinkedIn.

I am delighted, like many other volunteers, to serve within the EANM, specifically as your President for the next two years (2023–2024), together with Paola Anna Erba as President Elect (2023–2024), Wolfgang Wadsak as Secretary/Treasurer (2023), Felix Mottaghy as Committee Coordinator (2023–2024), Michel Koole as Scientific Liaison Officer (2023–2024), Valentina Garibotto as Congress Chair (2023-2025) and Sona Balogova as Education Chair (2023–2025).

Together with Wolfgang, we are currently having individual calls with each National Delegate to understand the national needs and wishes, recognise common interests among countries and identify which aspects the EANM can support and which will be considered when shaping EANM’s activities over the next years.

Hence, my first goal is to identify the main projects and priorities, together with the other Board members, which will be presented in the coming editions of the Letter from the President – until then, I wish you health and inspiration.


Rudi A. J. O. Dierckx
EANM President 2023–2024

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