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The mission of the EANM Dosimetry Committee involves:   

  • Promoting and enhancing the use of dosimetry practices in the field of nuclear medicine. 
  • Advocating for a future where radiation treatments using radiopharmaceuticals are tailored to optimise the absorbed doses delivered to target volumes, while considering doses to non-target volumes and tissues. 
  • Producing EANM guidelines and valuable resources meant to support the nuclear medicine community. 
  • Providing professionals with training and teaching initiatives to educate about the importance and application of dosimetry. 
  • Collaborating with partner societies to foster a collective effort to advance the practice of dosimetry in nuclear medicine. 

Committee Members

Chair: Caroline Stokke (Norway)
Francesco Cicone (Italy)
Johannes Tran-Gia (Germany)
Marta Cremonesi (Italy)
Mattias Sandstrom (Sweden)
Pablo Minguez Gabina (Spain)
Peter Bernhardt (Sweden)
Silvano Gnesin (Switzerland)
Observer: Peter Knoll (Austria)


The Executive Office is the referral centre to which questions and requests of any kind may be addressed. The Office answers these directly where applicable or passes them on to the relevant EANM officer.

EANM Executive Office
Schmalzhofgasse 26
1060 Vienna

Tel: +43 1 890 44 27
Fax: +43 1 890 44 27-9

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