Drug Development

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In vivo imaging in the 21st century is increasingly being performed with significant industrial collaborations between Pharmaceutical companies and academic and healthcare providers. This is a mutually beneficial situation which can enable in vivo imaging in ways previously unimaginable. The Drug Development Interest Group is a springboard for those of you interested in engaging and finding out more about these activities. The field is multidisciplinary in nature, covering a gamut of activities including synthetic and medicinal chemistry, biology, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics/dynamics, clinical sciences, technology and instrumentation, mathematical modelling and physics.

Committee Chairpersons

Chair & Scientific Programme Representative

J. Vercouillie (France)

Committee Members

ESMIT Representative

W. Deuther-Conrad (Germany)


L. Zimmer (France)

Guideline Representative

G. Luurtsema (Netherlands)

Website Representative

L. Aloj (UK)

Communication, Press & PR Representative

Y. Seimbille (Netherlands)


G. Smith (United Kingdom)


D. Niculae (Romania)

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