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The Mission of the EANM Neuroimaging Committee is:

  • to spread and develop knowledge on molecular and hybrid neuroimaging in the EANM community.
  • Our primary goals are extending the clinical use, increasing image quality and facilitating exchanges and progress in the neurological applications of Nuclear Medicine.

Committee Members

Chair Silvia Morbelli (Italy)
Vice Chair Henryk Barthel (Germany)
Secretary Donatienne Van Weehaeghe (Belgium)
Scientific Programme Representative Henryk Barthel (Germany)
Guideline Representative Ronald Boellaard (Netherlands)
ESMIT Representative Diego Cecchin (Italy)​
Communication, Press & PR Representative Matthias Brendel (Germany)
Website Representative Ozgul Ekmekcioglu (Türkiye)
Member Bart van Berckel (Netherlands)
Member Francesco Fraioli (United Kingdom)
Member Eric Guedj (France)
Member Nathalie Lisa Albert (Germany)
Member Franck Semah (France)
Member Nelleke Tolboom (Netherlands)
Member Tatjana Traub-Weidinger (Austria)
Member Antoine Verger (France)
Observer Maria Rocca (Italy)


The Executive Office is the referral centre to which questions and requests of any kind may be addressed. The Office answers these directly where applicable or passes them on to the relevant EANM officer.

EANM Executive Office
Schmalzhofgasse 26
1060 Vienna

Tel: +43 1 890 44 27
Fax: +43 1 890 44 27-9

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