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The EANM Paediatrics committee is made up by Nuclear Medicine physicians from different countries, involved in Paediatrics. The different activities of this committee are dedicated to the specific aspects of Pediatrics Nuclear Medicine. This web site contains informations related to the functioning of the committee itself and its different activities. It constitutes a link with people potentially interested to be involved in one of the committee projects and gives access to different links and teaching materials as part of the teaching activity of the committee.


Committee Chairpersons


Z. Bar-Server (Israel)

Vice Chair

L. Borgwardt (Denmark)

Committee Members


N. Jehanno (France)

Website Representative

L. Borgwardt (Denmark)

Scientific Programme Representative

P. Zucchetta (Italy)

ESMIT Representative

A. Santos (Portgual)

ESMIT Representative

L. Kurch (Germany)

Guideline Representative

A. Piccardo (Italy)

Communication, Press & PR Representative

R. Kluge (Germany)

Senior Advisor

D. De Palma (Italy)

Senior Advisor

L. Biassoni (UK)

Senior Advisor

C. De Labriolle-Vaylet (France)


T. Pascual (Austria)


T. Treves (US)

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