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  • To represent European NMTs from within the EANM
  • To encourage technologists to join the EANM and by doing so, to broaden their horizons
  • To promote high standards for the daily work of NMTs in the different countries of Europe
  • To assist in the development of high-quality national systems of education and training of NMTs
  • To participate in wider EANM initiatives on education and continuing education, meeting the needs of as many technologists as possible throughout Europe
  • To work with other committees of the EANM and outside organisations to ensure that the technologist’s important role in Nuclear Medicine is acknowledged and developed
  • To promote contacts and exchange of information within and between national associations of technologists in the different countries of Europe, more particularly via the EANM website


Committee Chairpersons


A. Santos (Portugal)

Vice Chair

L. Camoni (Italy

Committee Members

ESMIT Representative

C. Terwinghe (Belgium)

Guideline Representative

M.C. Attard (Netherlands)

Scientific Programme Representative

A. Santos (Portugal)

Communication, Press & PR Representative

M. Mada (UK)


S. Rep (Slovenia)


Rie Strand Olsen (Denmark)


A. Pietrzak (Poland)

Senior Advisor

P. Fragoso-Costa (Germany)

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