Translational Molecular Imaging & Therapy

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Nuclear medicine’s non-invasive imaging capabilities play a crucial role in providing (molecularly) tailored treatment plans for patients. Beyond diagnosis, molecular imaging enables image-guided therapy delivery. Key initiatives such as theranostics and intraoperative molecular imaging provide the foundation for establishing precision medicine in Europe.  

The success of nuclear medicine in Europe relies on three pillars: clinical implementation of available nuclear medicine technologies, development of innovative technologies (both chemistry- and engineering-based), and the effective translation of innovations into clinical applicationThe latter serves as the specific focus of the EANM Translational Molecular Imaging & Therapy (TMI&T) Committee. 

The TMI&T Committee brings together experts with different backgrounds, spanning from (radio)chemistry/pharmacy, engineering, to (radio)biology and medicine. Their combined expertise creates a multidisciplinary foundation that helps connect innovations that are developed in the laboratory setting to real-time clinical needs. 

The TMI&T Committee’s activities include:  

  • Providing an entrance point for alternative molecular imaging strategies into the EANM. 
  • Promoting translational efforts during the EANM’s Annual Congress (i.e., the Molecule to Man track) 
  • Facilitating the training of future research and healthcare professionals in a variety of expertise’s related to translational science 
  • Fostering collaboration between the clinical and technical EANM Committees.  
  • Advancing the effective delivery of therapy through nuclear medicine. 
  • Supporting the topic to specific EANM working groups focusing on radiobiology and optical imaging/intraoperative molecular imaging. 

For further insight into the TMI&T activities and vision, click here. 


Committee Members

Chair: Tessa Buckle (Netherlands)
Chiara Maria Grana (Italy)
Jean Pierre Pouget (France)
Pedro Fragoso-Costa (Germany)
Peter Laverman (Netherlands)
Sergi Vidal Sicart (Spain)
Thomas Wendler Vidal (Germany)
Observer: Jan Grimm (USA)


The Executive Office is the referral centre to which questions and requests of any kind may be addressed. The Office answers these directly where applicable or passes them on to the relevant EANM officer.

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