Translational Molecular Imaging & Therapy

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  • Provide expertise and education to the nuclear medicine community for the translation of basic research into clinical application
  • Extend and promote the use of biotechnology to nuclear disciplines, especially radiopharmacy
  • Stimulate research and development in the field of molecular imaging, as well as the cooperation of physicians with specialists in biotechnology and radiopharmacy
  • Facilitate coordination, organisation, professionalisation, cooperation communication between all involved parties and levels, including industry and national bodies


Committee Chairpersons


F. Van Leeuwen (Netherlands)

Vice Chair & ESMIT Representative

M. De Jong (Netherlands)

Committee Members


L. Evangelista (Italy)

Scientific Programme Representative

B. Cornelissen (UK)

Relations with other clinical societies

F. Caobelli (Switzerland)

Guideline Representative

S. Del Vecchio (Italy)

Website Representative

C. Xavier (Belgium)

Communication, Press & PR Representative

L. Rbah-Vidal (France)

Senior Advisor

J. Barbet (France)


W. Cai (United States)

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