Elections 2022

The EANM election 2022 will be held remotely via e-voting between September 26 and October 3, 2022. The election results will be presented in Barcelona on the occasion of the EANM´22 Congress, during the Delegates’ and Members´ Assembly on Saturday, October 15, and Tuesday, October 18, 2022, respectively.

Seconding Candidates

Would you like to second candidates for open Board positions?

Then please download the corresponding form here below and return it, properly filled and signed, to the EANM Office – attn. Ms Christina Kogelnik via before July 31, 2022 (23:59 CEST).

Please note: each Board candidate must be seconded by at least two seconders from different nations represented in the Delegates’ Assembly. Seconders must be members of EANM and shall refrain from seconding candidates competing for the same position.

Download Seconding Forms

Seconding President Elect

Seconding Committee Coordinator

Seconding Secretary/Treasurer

Seconding Scientific Liaison Officer

Open Positions: EANM Board and Internal Auditors

EANM Board

  • President Elect 2023-2024 – elected by the Delegates’ Assembly
  • Committee Coordinator 2023-2024 – elected by the Delegates’ Assembly
  • Secretary/Treasurer 2023-2024 – elected by the Members´ Assembly
  • Scientific Liaison Officer 2023-2024 – elected by the Members´ Assembly

EANM members in good standing from countries with the Status of a National Member Society (or equivalent), having been a Member of the EANM for at least three years, may stand for election to EANM Board positions.

Everyone, regardless of their background and expertise, is invited to apply for the open EANM Board positions.

Expected workload:

Since the EANM Board positions carry large responsibilities and are assigned specific tasks, candidates need to be willing and able to commit the required time investment to EANM-related business.

EANM Board Position

Daily business (hrs/week)

Travel days (in addition)

President up to 25 hrs per week up to 50 travel days
President Elect up to 15 hrs per week up to 40 travel days
Committee Coordinator up to 15 hrs per week up to 20 travel days
Scientific Liaison Officer up to 15 hrs per week up to 25 travel days
Secretary/Treasurer up to 15 hrs per week up to 15 travel days

*for the EANM President Elect position confirmation needs to be provided for all four years in office (President Elect for 2 years plus subsequent President position for 2 years).

Application documents:

  • CV
  • portrait picture
  • motivation letter (max. 1 page)
  • filled in declaration of interest (DOI) form, download here
  • letter of confirmation stipulating that the candidate is able and willing to allocate the time required as per the above details to fulfil EANM Board duties and EANM affairs for the period in office, signed by the candidate and countersigned by the candidate’s employer or equivalent, when and where applicable

All documents must be received by the EANM Office, Ms Christina Kogelnik via in writing before July 31, 2022 (23:59 CEST).

CV and motivation letter will be made available in due time to the EANM membership, eligible to vote.

EANM Internal Auditors 2023-2024

Two open positions are called for. Once per year, the EANM Internal Auditors check the EANM’s financial accounts as prepared by the EANM Secretary-Treasurer, the EANM CEOs and the external EANM accountant and provide a report to the EANM Membership during the EANM Members’ Assembly.

Application documents:

Any ordinary Member of the EANM in good standing may apply by sending his/her CV to Ms Christina Kogelnik in the EANM Executive Office via in writing before July 31, 2022 (23:59 CEST).

EANM Honorary and Corresponding Honorary Members 

The Board decided to postpone any further appointment of the EANM Honorary Membership until the 2020 Honorary Members have been duly celebrated, which will happen at the EANM’22 Congress in Barcelona. Nominations will be considered from 2023 onwards.

Thank you for your understanding!

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