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Current vacancies in the EANM Committees

These EANM Committees are currently looking for new members:

Physics Committee apply until: July 15, 2020

The Physics Committee is looking for new Committee members with a broad experience of nuclear medicine, such as diagnostic imaging, instrumentation, image analysis and processing, data sciences, quantification, etc. Clinical experience, as well as experience from research within one or more of these fields are necessary requirements.

Technologist Committee apply until: July 31, 2020

The Technologist Committee is currently looking for new members that ensure geographical widespread of the committee within Europe and, also, that have interest and work done in advancing Technologist’s education and competencies. To select the best matching professional, we need to evaluate some more data concerning your career.


Please check below how to apply!

EANM Open Call Procedure

The EANM has a standardised open call procedure for seeking new Committee members. This process ensures transparency and inclusiveness.

When a vacancy arises in an EANM Committee, the Committee Chair sends out a call and invites to apply for this position.

These calls for candidates are sent directly to the Committee Interest Group (see below) and are announced in the monthly EANM Newsletter.

This open call gives background information on the requirements as well as tasks and responsibilities that are associated with the vacant position, as applicable.

In line with the EANM’s Statutes only active EANM members residing in countries represented in the Delegates Assembly are eligible to formally engage within the EANM Committees.

As soon as an open call is issued, candidates are asked to send

  • their up-to-date, concise CV (English language)
  • the filled EANM Committee Interest Evaluation Form (available here below):
for all Committees Download for the Technologist Committee Download

to the EANM Executive Office.

Applications are forwarded to the Committee for evaluation only upon expiry of the application deadline. All applicants are again contacted as soon as the Committee has come to a decision, which has to be approved by the EANM Board.

Throughout the application process, the applicants’ data will be kept strictly confidential – the respective EANM Committee, the EANM Executive Office staff, as well as the EANM Board, will need to see the data in order to process the application.

For further questions regarding open calls, please contact Ms. Silvia Marchetti at the EANM Executive Office via

EANM Interest Group

Join the EANM Committees’ interest groups by indicating your interest volunteering in the respective Committees online in the vEANM area (section “vData”). Being part of the Interest Group means that you are the first to be contacted about any vacant Committee positions. You will also receive invitations to the Committee Interest Group Meetings taking place during the EANM Annual Congress.

All EANM Committees are encouraged to organise dedicated Interest Group meetings in conjunction with the EANM Annual Congress. The Interest Groups are invited to these meetings by dedicated mailings. The agendas for the meeting are published on the EANM Congress website in October.

The Interest Group Meetings serve the purpose of

  • informing about ongoing Committee/EANM activities
  • discussing potential future activities of the Committee
  • obtaining feedback on the Committee’s work
  • acting as a platform for mutual exchange and networking


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