EU-related Activities


This EU4Health Inter-Specialty Cancer Training Programme project is managed and led by the European Cancer Organisation.

The INTERACT-EUROPE project will foster a patient-centric approach to quality cancer care by promoting multidisciplinary and multi-professional team working. Indeed, the project will advance the foundations of knowledge and understanding that different professions involved in cancer care have of each other and address cancer inequalities. Healthcare professional organisations involved in the project will develop a curriculum for an inter-speciality training programme targeted at clinical oncology, surgery and radiology, including their respective nursing services, based on relevant needs assessments. The project will also lay out the foundations of trainees’ and cancer centres’ recruitment to the programme, ensuring a strong understanding of their needs and readiness for the later delivery. Elements of the training curriculum will be translated into technology-enhanced learning scenarios to ensure wide access to such training tools across the EU.

The inclusion of representatives from the whole European cancer community in the consortium will allow for the development of a targeted and efficient multidisciplinary programme and the production of recommendations to foster interdisciplinary cancer care across the EU. The European Association of Nuclear Medicine supports multi-disciplinary curriculum development.


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