Policy Work

EANM expertise – the EANM Policy & Regulatory Affairs Committee

The EANM aims to bring the voices and experiences of Nuclear Medicine healthcare professionals into the negotiations on new legislation, consultations and debates. We aim to share our expertise and perspectives to inform policymaking better and ensure that the specificities of nuclear medicine are well understood and considered within the European institutions’ activities.

In this respect, a new EANM Committee was established in January 2022: the EANM Policy & Regulatory Affairs Committee. This multidisciplinary advisory body, meeting on a monthly basis, aims at supporting and advising the Board. The mission of the EANM Policy & Regulatory Affairs Committee is to facilitate the coordination and implementation of EANM‘s policy activities on the EU level, defined within the EANM strategy, by engaging in a permanent dialogue with EU policymakers, helping to fulfil the EANM‘s overall mission.

In close connection with the scientific Committees of EANM, the Policy & Regulatory Affairs Committee has a wide-ranging membership, including radiopharmacists, physicists and MDs. More information on the membership can be found here.

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