EANM Radiobiology Position Paper

The "EANM position paper on the role of radiobiology in nuclear medicine" has been published - thanks to who contributed to this outstanding work!

Out now: first SASAI audit report

From the comfort of your desk SASAI – the Shared Audit and Supplier Assessment Initiative - helps you deliver the ABX advanced biochemical compounds GmbH (Germany) audit report directly to your regulatory authorities...

EANM Guidance to Radiotracer Nomenclature

The EANM Board has compiled a very easy-to-use guidance to spell radiotracers correctly

Out now: European Nuclear Medicine Guide

EANM and UEMS/EBNM celebrate the release of the ultimate manual from and for the Nuclear Medicine Community. Available online and offline – for free!

EJNMMI – To new beginnings

After 15 successful years as Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Carriò hands over the responsibility for the EJNMMI per January 1, 2019.

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