Artificial Intelligence in Nuclear Medicine

Recently, the EANM has published two articles on AI applications in Nuclear Medicine. Find out more!

Open Calls for Committee Members

Did you always want to become an EANM Committee Member? Well, here is your chance. Some Committees are looking for you!

Policy Bulletin #2

The second issue of the EANM Policy Bulletin is out! This newsletter summarises policy updates within nuclear medicine for you. Read more here and browse through this new edition.

Overarching Narrative

This statement provides basic information about Nuclear Medicine and the current most urgent policy needs. Moreover, the narrative aims at offering all stakeholders a better understanding of the specificities of the Nuclear Medicine sector.

Joint Enabling Guide

The demand for Theranostics is projected to skyrocket in the near future. For this reason, the EANM, SNMMI and IAEA created an enabling guide to assist interested centres.

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