Out now: first SASAI audit report

From the comfort of your desk SASAI – the Shared Audit and Supplier Assessment Initiative - helps you deliver the ABX advanced biochemical compounds GmbH (Germany) audit report directly to your regulatory authorities...

EANM Guidance to Radiotracer Nomenclature

The EANM Board has compiled a very easy-to-use guidance to spell radiotracers correctly

Out now: European Nuclear Medicine Guide

EANM and UEMS/EBNM celebrate the release of the ultimate manual from and for the Nuclear Medicine Community. Available online and offline – for free!

EJNMMI – To new beginnings

After 15 successful years as Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Carriò hands over the responsibility for the EJNMMI per January 1, 2019.

It is the last day of the EHNS Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week!

Find out how much of a role FDG-PET/CT plays in head and neck cancer at several stages of the diagnostic and treatment process.

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