CME Archive

CME Sessions at EANM’10



CME I Cardiovascular
Practical Aspects of PET Imaging in Patients with Ischemic Heart Disease
CME II Physics
Radiation Exposure in Nuclear Medicine and Multimodality Imaging
CME III Drug Development / Radiopharmacy
Personalizing Radiopharmaceuticals
CME IV Dosimetry
Preclinical Targeted Radionuclide Therapy (TRT)
CME V Paediatrics
Renal Scans and the Rising of MRI
CME VI Oncology
How to Design a Clinical Trial
CME VII Translational Molecular Imaging / Drug Development / Radiopharmacy
New Radiopharmaceutical Developments in Oncology
CME VIII Radionuclide Therapy
Radionuclide Therapies in Primary and Metastastic Liver Cancer
CME IX Cardiovascular (Interactive)
Case Presentations
CME X Bone (Interactive)
The Role of Nuclear Medicine in Exploring Musculoskeletal Pain
CME XI Oncology (Interactive)
Hybrid Imaging in Oncology
CME XII Neuroimaging
Nuclear Medicine in Psychiatry: Looking for Higher Diagnostic Accuracy – an Emphasis on Mood Disorders
CME XIII Radiopharmacy / Radionuclide Therapy
Antibody Based Radiopharmaceuticals


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