CME Sessions at EANM’05

EANM’05 – CME Session VII

October 17, 2005, 14:30 – 16:00
PET in Paediatrics

Moderator: K. Hahn (Munich)
Co-Moderator: L. Biassoni (London)

L. Borgwardt (Copenhagen):
Patient preparation, imaging procedure and pitfalls in paediatric PET
T. Pfluger (Munich):
Multimodality imaging in paediatric oncology with emphasis on PET in lymphoma
C. Franzius (Muenster):
PET in paediatric solid tumours

Educational objectives:

Upon completion of this course the attendee will be able to:

  1. Learn about indications of F18-FDG-PET in paediatric oncology
  2. Know the particularities in patient preparation and imaging procedure
  3. Learn about possible pitfalls in interpretation of paediatric PET scans
  4. Discuss the role of F18-FDG-PET in the diagnosis and management of Hodgkin´s disease within a multimodality imaging approach
  5. Understand the potential and limitations of PET in paediatric solid tumors
  6. Reviewing interesting clinical cases


This course is designed for all nuclear medicine physicians with interest in paediatric nuclear medicine. The aim of this course is to allow the attendants to become familiar with the growing field of paediatric PET scanning. The first lecture will give some general background about paediatric PET addressing the following topics: dealing with children, dosimetry, preparation of children for PET imaging, resting, tracer injection, positioning, sedation and bladder emptying. Additionally, typical pitfalls in interpretation of paediatric PET studies are presented. The second speaker discusses the role of PET in paediatric oncology within a multimodality imaging concept. The potential of F18-FDG-PET in staging and further management of paediatric Hodgkin´s Lymphoma is particularly emphasized.

The third lecture provides an overview of PET in paediatric solid tumours, including discussion of the benefit and limitations of PET in sarcoma and primary bone tumours.

Key Words:

  1. Paediatrics
  2. PET
  3. Oncology
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