CME Sessions at EANM’05

EANM’05 – CME Session IX

Nuclear Medicine and PET (Interactive)
October 18, 2005, 08:00 – 09:30
Interesting clinical cases with an impact of Nuclear Medicine on decision making

Moderator: J.N. Talbot (Paris)

F. Paycha (Colombes):
F. Paycha (Colombes):
Hemi-vertebral disappearance on a bone scintigraphy: a diagnistic conundrum
F. Paycha (Colombes):
Musculo – skeletal multiple pain syndrome in a 42-year old HIV woman receiving highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART)
F. Paycha (Colombes):
Inaugural aggresive osteolytic metastases: a nearly missed etiologic diagnosis on bone scintigraphy
F. Paycha (Colombes):
An acute pain of the knee from an unexpected cause
W. Langsteger (Linz):
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