CME Sessions at EANM’06

EANM’06 – CME Session VII

October 2, 2006, 14:30 – 16:00
Current Physics Issues in Clinical Applications

Moderator: A. Britten (London)
Co-Moderator: T. Beyer (Essen)

T. Beyer (Essen):
PET/CT artifacts in Clinical Practice
P. Jarritt (Belfast):
Acquisition, Processing and Quantification of DaTSCAN Studies
B. Hutton (London):
Issues in Tomographic Clinical Studies

Educational objectives:

To understand the important issues in current technology of Nuclear Medicine investigations, and how these relate to examples of clinical examinations. The material will show what aspects of performance are important to deliver good quality studies, and will indicate what procedures need to be in place to ensure the quality of the data. This will include QA, as well as optimisation and validation of protocols and procedures.
Recognition of artefacts, common technological pitfalls and their avoidance will be covered.


This course will cover current issues in the Physics and technology behind current clinical applications. It will review key issues in the technology, for example SPECT and SPECT/CT, PET and PET/CT and relate them to the clinical protocols in three areas as examples. Data processing and analysis, and issues relating to data acquisition will also be covered where appropriate.

Key Words:

Gamma Cameras, SPECT/CT, PET and PET/CT, Technology and clinical applications

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