CME Sessions at EANM’07

EANM’07 – CME Session IV

Inflammation / Infection
October 14, 2007, 16:30 – 18:00
Inflammation and Infection Imaging including PET

Moderator: L.Mansi (Naples)
Co-Moderator: A. Signore (Rome)

A. Signore (Rome):
Overview on techniques and radiopharmaceuticalsfor imaging infection
J.C. Alonso (Madrid):
Clinical cases and pitfalls using radiolabelled WBS
F. Jamar (Louvain):
Clinical cases and pitfalls using FDG-PET

Educational objectives:

  1. a brief overview of the available methods for imaging infection
  2. to describe when to use radiolabelled white-blood-cells, monoclonal antibodies, HIG and PET according to current available guidelines
  3. to describe how to correctly use WBC, MoAb and PET according to currently available standardized protocols
  4. identify common pitfalls when using WBC, MoAb and PET
  5. describe several teaching clinical cases that emphasize the correct acquisition and interpretation proceduress


This continuing education session is directed primarily towards nuclear physicians interested in performing and interpreting infection imaging, but also towards trainees and nuclear medicine technologists.
It will cover relevant practical aspects of the clinical use of infection imaging procedures such as the use of radiolabelled white-blood-cells, HIG, antibiotics, monoclonal antibodies against granulocytes, FDG-PET.
We will particularly focus on the indications for performing the different types of scans and on the acquisition and interpretation procedures, as it has been standardized by available guidelines.
We will conclude by presenting a range of teaching clinical cases and pitfalls that will emphasize the importance of a correct acquisition procedure and interpretation criteria. In all cases indication must be well identified and in some cases PET or Monoclonal antibodies may not substitute WBC scintigraphy. The talks will also show examples of the usefulness of FDG-PET/CT fusion or WBC-SPET/CT fusion in inflammatory and infectious diseases.

Key Words:

Infection imaging, white-blood-cells, monoclonal antibodies, FDG-PET, fusion, guidelines

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