CME Sessions at EANM’07

EANM’07 – CME Session V

October 15, 2007, 08:00 – 09:30
How to do high quality paediatric nuclear medicine examination

Moderator: L. Biassoni (London)
Co-Moderator: S. Prevot (Dijon)

J. Otten (London):
How to plan the paediatric day in a general nuclear medicine department. Acquisition of lung scans, bone scans and MIBG scans in paediatrics to be advised
H. Javinder (Gothenburg):
Renal isotope scans
M. Federspiel (Copenhagen):
PET/CT in paediatric oncology

Educational objectives:

  1. Adopt knowledge and techniques to provide a high quality paediatric nuclear imaging service
  2. Understand the very unique challenge to work with paediatric oncology patients
  3. Describe the principles and working guidelines for paediatric PET-CT scanning


This continuing education session is directed primarily towards nuclear medicine technicians active or interested in the day to day organisation of a busy paediatric nuclear medicine department but also towards radiologists, trainees and staff involved with making appointments or preparing children for scans. It will cover relevant practical aspects of the clinical use of cameras and available resources, including staff. This session seeks to provide a foundation to participants for refining their paediatric nuclear medicine service. Practical issues regarding the acquisition of renal, lung, bone isotope scans, together with MIBG and PET/CT scanning in paediatrics, will be addressed.

Key Words:

Paediatrics, nuclear medicine, PET/CT, sedation.

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