CME Sessions at EANM’07

EANM’07 – CME Session VIII

October 15, 2007, 16:30 – 18:00
Pharmacokinetic modelling

Moderator: G. Westera (Zurich)
Co-Moderator: C. Decristoforo (Innsbruck)

P.H. Elsinga (Groningen):
Design and synthesis of PET-radiopharmaceuticals
A. van Waarde (Groningen):
Analysis of metabolites
A. Buck (Zurich):
Compartmental modelling

Educational objectives:

  1. Understand properties and synthesis of PET-radiopharmaceuticals and the relation to data analysis and quantification
  2. Know various methods to determine metabolites of PET-tracers in tissues and blood
  3. Understand principles of compartmental models and its application in PET data analysis


Pharmacokinetic modelling is the process to quantify PET-data in order to obtain objective information. Within Nuclear Medicine, quantification is crucial in research and may be important in clinical applications.
This session will therefore first cover aspects of synthesis and design of PET radiopharmaceuticals, including selection criteria, binding properties, metabolism and importance of labelling position within the molecule. These aspects are important for the in vivo behaviours of the PET-radiopharmaceuticals and therefore the interpretation of PETdata. The second part deals with practical aspects how to determine metabolites in tissues and body fluids and the several available techniques.
Finally, in the third part, basic principles of compartmental modelling will be described. Quantitative parameters such as Standard Uptake Value, distribution volume etc. will be discussed.

Key Words:

PET radiochemistry, metabolites, quantification, compartment model

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