CME Sessions at EANM’08

EANM’08 – CME Session I

October 12, 2008, 08:00 – 09:30
Integrating Cardiac CT and Nuclear Cardiology – Practical Issues for Hybrid Imaging

Moderator: F. Bengel (Baltimore)

C. Becker (Munich):
Essential CT for the Nuclear Cardiologist: How to do Calcium Scoring and CT Angiography
A. Flotats (Barcelona):
Using X-ray CT for Attenuation Correction
M. Hacker (Munich):
Integrating Cardiac CT and Nuclear Imaging: Protocols for SPECT-CT
J. Knuuti (Turku):
Integrating Cardiac CT and Nuclear Imaging: Protocols for PET-CT

Educational objectives:

  1. Emphasize the increasing clinical role of X-ray CT as an adjunct to nuclear cardiology techniques.
  2. Understand specific issues related to the use of CT for attenuation correction.
  3. Highlight protocols for integrated imaging of morphology and function using hybrid imaging systems.


This continuing education session is directed primarily towards nuclear physicians active in clinical nuclear cardiology studies, but also towards cardiologists, radiologists, trainees and nuclear medicine technologists. It will focus on the role of X-ray CT, which is increasingly integrated with nuclear imaging techniques of the heart. In-depth knowledge of the potential of cardiac CT is required for an appropriate use in SPECT-CT and PET-CT hybrid imaging systems. Acquisition and analysis of CT as a standalone technique will be highlighted first, then specific applications in the hybrid imaging environment will be discussed. Those will include the use of CT for attenuation correction of tomographic cardiac nuclear datasets. They will, however, also include the integrated use of CT for morphologic diagnostic purposes, together with nuclear imaging for functional purposes, in order to obtain a comprehensive picture of individual coronary artery disease. By attending the session, participants will be able to acquire basic knowledge relevant for the clinical practice of cardiac CT and nuclear imaging using state-of-the-art hybrid imaging.

Key Words:

Coronary artery disease, cardiac CT, attenuation correction, SPECT-CT, PET-CT

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