CME Sessions at EANM’08

EANM’08 – CME Session X

PET/CT (Interactive)
October 14, 2008, 11:30 – 13:00
Interactive PET/CT in Oncology: Head and Neck Cancers

Moderator: A. Chiti (Milan)
Co-Moderator: S. Stoeckli (St. Gallen)

Cases presented by:
S. Stoeckli (St. Gallen):
A Surgeon’s View of PET/CT in Head & Neck Cancers
T. Hany (Zurich):
PET/CT Clinical Cases
F. Crippa (Milan):
PET/CT Clinical Cases

Educational objectives:

  1. Know the different tumors that may arise form the head & neck district.
  2. Discuss the clinical usefulness of FDG PET/CT in head & neck cancers.
  3. Read with experts some PET/CT images in the light of the clinical context.


The session is directed towards nuclear physicians experienced with PET/CT in oncology.
Interactive discussion will guide the audience through a better knowledge of tumors arising from the head & neck district. Clinical cases will show utility and limitation of PET/CT in this context.

Key Words:

Head & neck cancer, PET, FDG

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