CME Sessions at EANM’08

EANM’08 – CME Session IV

October 12, 2008, 16:30 – 18:00
Multimodality Imaging in Paediatric Oncology: Role of Nuclear Medicine

Moderator: T. Pfluger (Munich)

I. Schmid (Munich):
Clinical Questions and Demands for Imaging of Extracerebral Paediatric Malignancies in Primary Diagnosis and Follow-up
Ch. Franzius (Bremen):
Role of Nuclear Medicine in Combination with Computed Tomography
T. Pfluger (Munich):
Role of Nuclear Medicine in Combination with Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Educational objectives:

  1. To understand the need for different imaging modalities in paediatric oncology from a clinical point of view.
  2. To describe the indications of PET and PET/CT and the different PET/CT acquisition protocols in paediatric oncology & to evaluate the need of a combined PET/CT study.
  3. To understand the equivalent and complementary value of MRI in combination with MIBG and bone scintigraphy.
  4. To describe the need for a combined PET/MRI analysis and image registration and the indications of each modality at diagnosis and in follow-up.


This session is designed for those Nuclear Medicine specialists and residents wishing to learn about the different imaging modalities in paediatric oncology.

From a clinical point of view, needs and challenges for diagnostic imaging in paediatric oncology are pointed out with and PET/CT at diagnosis and in follow-up will be discussed depending on tumor entities and the clinical presentation. Finally, the diagnostic gain of a combined PET/CT examination in paediatric oncology will be discussed.

Different imaging strategies with bone scintigraphy, MIBG scintigraphy, PET and/or MRI at diagnosis and in follow-up will be discussed with emphasis on the strengths and weaknesses of each modality. In this context, specific indications for MRI versus CT will be pointed out. Keeping the radiation burden as low as possible is particularly interesting in children. Therefore, it will be discussed which imaging modality may not be necessary in the diagnostic work-up. Finally, necessity for combined PET/MRI with or without image registration will be discussed and the relative applications demonstrated.

Key Words:

Paediatric oncology, multimodality imaging, PET/CT, PET/MRI, MIBG scintigraphy, bone scintigraphy

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