CME Sessions at EANM’09

EANM’09 – CME Session XI

Bone (Interactive)
October 13, 2009, 14:30 – 16:00
The Role of Nuclear Medicine in Exploring Pathology of the Skeleton: Infection, Complications of Joint Prostheses, Primary Bone Tumours

Moderator: J.N. Talbot (Paris)
Co-Moderator: C. Hoefnagel (Amsterdam)

Cases presented by:
N. Prandini (Ferrara)
F. Paycha (Colombes)
J.N. Talbot (Paris)

Educational objectives:

Interactive presentation of cases of real patients referred for disorders of the skeleton, excluding the search for bone metastases. The audience will be equipped with voting

The aims are:

  • to favour a better prescription of the various nuclear medicine examinations (scintigraphy, SPECT(/CT), PET(/CT)) among the numerous options of medical imaging in this context;
  • to document the impact of nuclear imaging on patient management in those 3 settings (bone infection, complication of joint prosthesis, primary bone tumour);
  • to illustrate how to recognise not-to-be-missed semiologic patterns, to avoid some pitfalls or remind important notions that may be very recent or conversely somewhat forgotten;
  • to improve interpretation of NM imaging by the attendees in similar situations.

This session will also be an opportunity to test their skills for the attendees of CME on related topics, which will take place previously during the Congress, in particular CME 1 inflammation/infection imaging and CME 7 paediatrics.



The presentation will cover imaging with various bone or leukocytes seeking radiopharmaceuticals including bisphosphonates, gallium, fluoride, labelled leukocytes, FDG. Interaction by means of voting systems will allow the attendees to express their opinions and to evaluate their skills.

Key Words:

Interaction, Semiology, Patterns, Pitfalls, Bone Infection, Joint Prosthesis, Primary Bone Tumour, PET/CT, SPECT/CT

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