CME Sessions at EANM’09

EANM’09 – CME Session IV

Therapy / Dosimetry
October 11, 2009, 16:30 – 18:00
RIT of Lymphomas: Anti CD20 and Beyond

Moderator: F. Giammarile (Lyon)
Co-Moderator: M. Lassmann (Wuerzburg)

A. Lohri (Basel):
RIT in the Perspective of a Medical Oncologist
C. Chiesa (Milan):
RIT Dosimetry
J. Tennvall (Lund):
Current Status and Future Perspectives

Educational objectives:

  1. Radioimmunotherapy in perspective of a medical oncologist:
    • Identify the strength and weaknesses of radioimmunotherapy in relation to other non radioactive treatments.
    • Identify the most suitable patients that benefit most of RIT.
    • Adopt knowledge about the costs of RIT and how they compare to other treatments.
  2. Dosimetry
    • Report and compare the published dosimetric data about ibritumomab tiuxetan treatment.
    • Analyze their differences according to the different dosimetric methods adopted.
    • Discuss the open question of the missing correlation between red marrow absorbed dose and observed toxicity.
  3. Future therapeutic avenues for B-cell lymphomas, and therapy of other hematological malignancies or of solid tumors.
    The success of radioimmunotherapy (RIT) in lymphoma can be attributed to the combination of radiosensitivity of the disease, the targeting of highly expressed antigens by signalling antibodies or by antibodies that mediate other therapeutic effects in their own right.
    Clinically, as a single modality, RIT can induce a high percentage of remissions, some of which are of impressive duration, in indolent and transformed B-cell lymphoma. In the myeloablative setting, data are even more impressing. Pretargeted RIT might be a future possibility. The role of RIT in other lymphomas and as a part of a combined treatment remains to be defined.


This continuing education session is directed primarily towards physicians and physicists concerned with the treatment of lymphoma with radiopharmaceuticals.
The advantages and disadvantages of standard methods of treatment will be examined and EANM guidelines concerning these will be presented.
The possibilities of imaging and performing patient-specific dosimetry for these radionuclides will be discussed in detail.

Key Words:

Lymphoma, Targeted Radionuclide Therapy, Dosimetry, Guidelines

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