CTE Sessions at EANM’09

EANM’09 – CTE Session V

October 13, 2009, 14:30 – 16:00
Clinical Audit

Moderator: S. Dennan (Dublin)

B. Moran (Dublin):
Introduction to Clinical Audit
C. Murtagh (Dublin):
Practical Examples of Clinical Audit in Nuclear Medicine
C. Walsh (Dublin):
Practical Examples of Clinical Audit in PET/CT

Educational objectives:

Upon completion of this session the attendee will have an understanding of:

  1. Describe the clinical audit cycle and clinical audit spiral.
  2. State the benefits of clinical audit.
  3. Discuss the benefits / limitations of self audit versus external audit.
  4. Assess the resource requirements for clinical audit.
  5. Discuss the legislative requirements for clinical audit in Europe.
  6. State the available guidance on conducting clinical audit.
  7. List and explain practical examples of clinical audit in Nuclear Medicine.
  8. Be familiar with practical examples of clinical audit in PET/CT – is this similar to item 7 above?
  9. Identify the requirements necessary to set up a clinical audit program in Nuclear Medicine and PET/CT.


This session is designed to introduce clinical audit and equip technologists with the skills to undertake clinical audits. The first presentation will provide a brief introduction to clinical audit. Technologists will be shown how to conduct a clinical audit using the audit cycle process. The value of different audit types (self audit / external audit) will be discussed. Guidance will be provided on resource requirements, the establishment of a multidisciplinary audit committee and audit frequency. The requirements for clinical audit under European and national legislation will be explained. The other two presentations will show examples of audits undertaken in Nuclear Medicine and PET/CT using the audit cycle. The impact of audit on quality improvement and radiation protection will be demonstrated.

Key Words:

Clinical Audit, Quality Improvement, Radiation Protection, Audit Cycle

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