CTE Sessions at EANM’09

EANM’09 – CTE Session VI

October 14, 2009, 09:30 – 10:45
Quality Control in Nuclear Medicine

Moderator: H. Medvedec (Zagreb)
Co-Moderator: Z. Petrovic (Ljubljana)

S. Vidmar (Ljubljana):
Quality Control in the Imaging Unit – Part 1: Instrumentation, Gamma Camera – Planar, SPECT
S. Holm (Copenhagen):
Quality Control in the Imaging Unit – Part 2: Quality Control and Radiotion Protection Issues in PET and PET/CT Facilities
S. Maltby (Liverpool):
Radiopharmacy Quality Control


  1. Quality Control in the imaging unit – Part 1:
    Instrumentation, gamma camera – planar, SPECT
  2. Quality Control in the imaging unit – Part 2:
    Quality Control and radiation protection issues in PET and PET/CT facilities
  3. Radiopharmacy Quality Control

Educational objectives:

Upon completion of this session the attendee will have an understanding of:


  1. State the mimimum levels of competence, with regard to competence and quality control, in regard of pharmacy and instrumentation, that should be attained by radiographers and nuclear medicine technologists
  2. Discuss a range of activities, and levels, that nuclear medicine technologists and radiographers might engage with in their routine practice of radiopharmacy and instrumentation quality control procedures

Quality Control in the imaging unit

  1. State the range and performance frequency of quality control procedures that should be conducted on PET and gamma camera devices
  2. Explain, in outline, how the most frequently required PET and gamma camera quality control procedures should be conducted
  3. For the data generated from the common PET and gamma camera quality control procedures explain when action is required and what action might be appropriate This objective would make full use of the skills offered by the mutiprofessional nuclear medicine (eg physicist, engineer, etc)

Radiopharmacy Quality Control

  1. State the minimum requirements that a radiopharmacy should meet to comply with staff, patient and environmental safety
  2. Explain why quality control of radiopharamceuticals should be conducted
  3. State the routine quality control procedures that should be run on ‘common’ radiopharamceuticals
  4. Explain what should be done when radiopharamceutical quality control procedures produce data that fail to meet the required standards


Radiographers and Nuclear Medicine Technologists play important roles in the routine practice of nuclear medicine and in many departments they are involved in routine instrument quality control. This session explores the theory and practice of quality control of PET / gamma camera instrumentation and radiopharmaceuticals, placing a particular empahsis on the demands placed upon radiographers and nuclear medicine technologists. Quality control data will be presented, and for these profession group, suggestions will be made on how decisions could be taken within their professional remit; similarly, in the broad context of quality control, their competence levels and possible professional latitude will be explored.

Key Words:

Quality Control, Competence Levels, NM Instrumentation, Radiation Protection, Radiophar-macy, Radiopharmaceuticals

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