CTE Sessions at EANM’09

EANM’09 – Mini Course I

October 11, 2009, 14:30 – 15:30
Clinical Negligence

Moderator: H. Medvedec (Zagreb)
Co-Moderator: K. Holmes (Cumbria)

P. Hogg (Manchester) :
Clinical Negligence

Educational objectives:

By the end of this session the delegate will be able to

  1. State and explain the basic 3 principles upon which a clinical negligence claim will be argued.
  2. Explain the role and value of a national regulatory body for healthcare professionals, such as technologists and radiographers.
  3. Explain possible purposes of written protocols in association with clinical practice and also suggest how protocols should be managed to good effect.



In traditional roles, and particularly advanced roles, clinical staff can be exposed to legal claims that can arise when a patient, or a person acting on their behalf, suggestions that negligence has occurred and compensation is to be sought. This presentation has three sections – clinical negligence per se, national regulatory bodies for healthcare professions and also protocols.

The first section of this presentation explores fundamental principles of civil law that underpin clinical negligence claims; also covered will be suggestions on how to minimize the occurrence of such claims. This section will be based upon English law; not least because it has similarities with other countries laws but also that the basic principles are similar, internationally. The role of a national regulatory body will then be explored in regard of protecting patients from harm and the possible consequences of breaching regulatory body mandates for technologists and radiographers. The final section of this presentation will consider the use of written protocols in clinical routine, not least from the defense of a clinical negligence claim but also from encouraging good standards of practice both locally and internationally.

Key Words:

Tort, Clinical Negligence, Protocols

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