CTE Sessions at EANM’10

EANM’10 – CTE Session III

October 11, 2010, 14:30 – 16:00

Moderators: M. Federspiel (Copenhagen), H. Ryder (Dublin)

S. Lassen (Copenhagen):
New treatment techniques in radiation therapy, challenges and perspectives
D. Schut (Copenhagen):
The impact of PET/CT in modern radiation therapy – a dosimetrists’ perspective
A. Loft (Copenhagen):
The clinical impact of PET/CT in radiation therapy

Educational objectives:

Upon completion of this session the attendee will have an understanding of:

  1. Describe modern intensity modulating treatment techniques.
  2. Describe different ways in which contouring of structures can be achieved.
  3. Explain the challenges regarding the differentiation of adjacent target volumes and critical structures.
  4. Discuss possible future directions for techniques in radiation therapy.
  5. Explain how PET/CT might impact on target delineation.
  6. State how the implementation of PET/CT could change the way patients are managed and treated.
  7. Discuss how PET/CT influences decisions in radiation therapy dose calculations.
  8. Discuss the future of PET/CT in radiation therapy planning.
  9. State the indications for PET/CT for Radiation Therapy.
  10. State how PET/CT data is handled on the Nuclear Medicine side of the tumour delineation process.
  11. Discuss clinical impact of PET/CT for Radiation Therapy


The first presentation will review treatment techniques in radiation therapy, challenges and perspectives. One of the major objectives in radiation therapy is to keep the dose to the normal tissue as low as possible. Dose gradients can be achieved with modern treatment techniques like gating, IMRT and VMAT/RapidArc. This introduces the risk of missing the tumour, due to the small margins between the high and low dose regions. Therefore, advanced dose calculation algorithms, good patient immobilization and daily imaging is a prerequisite, but also imaging modalities like PET-CT and MR are necessary to precisely define and outline the tumour volume.
The second presentation is directed primarily towards nuclear technologists and personnel working in, and interested in PET/CT. This presentation will help bring an understanding as to how PET/CT is used in the assessment and treatment of oncological patients in Radiation Therapy. Modern Radiation Therapy requires precise and detailed imaging to ensure an optimal Radiation Therapy treatment plan. After having learnt about the practical issues of using PET/CT for Radiation Therapy, the third presentation will focus on the clinical aspects including indications, the Nuclear Medicine part of PET/CT for treatment planning, clinical impact, treatment monitoring and future perspectives.

Key Words:

Intensity modulated radiation treatment, contouring, treatment planning, dosimetry, radiation therapy, PET/CT, clinical impact

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