CTE Sessions at EANM’10

EANM’10 – CTE Session VI

October 13, 2010, 09:30 – 10:45
New techniques in imaging reconstruction

Moderators: T. Eriksen (Oslo), H. Ryder (Dublin)

M. Ljungberg (Lund):
New techniques in imaging reconstruction SPECT
M. Ljungberg (Lund):
New techniques in imaging reconstruction SPECT/CT
K. Baete (Leuven):
New techniques in imaging reconstruction PET/CT

Educational objectives:

Upon completion of this session the attendee will have an understanding of:

  1. Demonstrate how to use new techniques in image reconstruction
  2. State possible values that the new reconstruction techniques might have
  3. Discuss financial issues associated with the new software options (for image Reconstruction)
  4. Discuss the limitations and values of upgrading existing machines / systems or purchasing new machines / systems


This session will illustrate how it is possible to enhance and improve images with the new reconstruction techniques. A particular emphasis will be placed on assessing whether the images produced by the new reconstruction techniques will add value to the diagnostic information available to the physician; and if so what values the additional information is likely to have to patient diagnosis and management

Key Words:

imaging reconstruction, Nuclear Medicine, SPECT, SPECT / CT, PET / CT

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