CTE Sessions at EANM’10

EANM’10 – Lunch Meeting

October 12, 2010, 13:00 – 14:00
Lunch Meeting – Education

Moderator: H. François (Brussels), A. Godswill Chukwuemeka (Vienna)

V. Challen (Cumbria):
Radiography education in Europe, vision of HENRE (Higher Education Network for Radiography Education)
I. Strijbosch (Eindhoven):
Optimising student guidance during internship at the Nuclear Medicine department

Educational objectives:

Upon completion of this session the attendee will be able to:

  1. State the different ways in which radiography and nuclear medicine education is organized and delivered within Europe.
  2. Identify values and limitations of the current European radiography and nuclear medicine education provision.
  3. State the recommendations of HENRE in regard of radiography and nuclear medicine education.
  4. Discuss how student learning objectives, including competencies, can be reached using a student-led consultation approach.
  5. Discuss the meaning and value of student coaching.
  6. Indentify learning and assessment (including formative) methods that help with the attainment of student learning objectives.
  7. State a range of methods to assess competency.


Education needs to evolve due to the changing nature of our profession, other professions with which we interface, funding body requirements and patient / public demands. This session considers what kind of education is needed today to deliver competent technologists in radiography and nuclear medicine. The first presentation will explore these initial matters. The second presentation will focus on student guidance during internship. How can the nuclear medicine department optimize the learning process of the student? Trying to achieve the competencies needed to do the work, the student must be coached into the right direction. How can we do that best? After each presentation there is the possibility to have an interactive discussion with the speakers.

Key Words:

education, competencies, student coaching, student evaluation

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