CTE Sessions at EANM’10

EANM’10 – Mini Course I

October 10, 2010, 14:30 – 15:30
Patient Care

Moderator: H. François (Brussels) ,F. El-Hakmaoui (Lausanne)

P. Van Laer (Brussels):
Psychological aspects of patient care
N. Eecloo and E. Vangeneugden (Leuven):
Measuring patient satisfaction as an indicator for the quality of provided care

Educational objectives:

  1. Discuss the patient’s perspective (specifically emotions and feelings) prior to and during a hospital visit.
  2. State how patient feelings and emotions may present and as such be recognized by the healthcare worker.
  3. Respond in an appropriate fashion to patient feelings and emotions.
  4. Discuss a range of different matters that can affect the quality of care as perceived by the patient.
  5. State a range of methods that can be used to measure the quality of care.
  6. State the role of the patient in patient care quality analysis.


When patients attend the nuclear medicine department they often demonstrate a range of feelings and emotions. Such feelings may raise anxiety levels and result in a lessened experience for the patient. A range of factors account for the emotions and feelings that are raised by attending hospitals as a patient. Examples include a fear of medical examinations per se, some patients also fear that the outcome could impact negatively upon them.

This session explores the patient perspective on attending hospitals appointments and it includes background information on how they might feel. Suggestions are made on how the healthcare worker can recognize which patients are overly anxious or upset and strategies will be proposed on how such patients can be cared for so as to improve their experience. Importantly suggestions will be made on how we can gain the patient’s perspective, not least how we can centrally involve them in designing care strategies to maximize the quality of their hospital experience.

Key Words:

patient care, patient psychology

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