CTE Sessions at EANM’12

EANM’12 – CTE Session III

EANM/ESTRO Joint Session
October 29, 2012, 14:30 – 16:00
PET/CT in Radiotherapy Planning

Moderators: H. Ryder (Dublin), M .Hinterreiter (Linz)

E. Abrahamsson (Copenhagen):
Positioning and Immobilization of Lung Cancer Patients
A. Loft (Copenhagen):
PET/CT in RT Planning for Lung Cancer
M. Josipovic (Copenhagen):
Radiotherapy Treatment of Mobile Lung Tumours: Challenges and New Developments

Educational objectives:

  1. Indicate the general considerations and challenges regarding positioning of patients for radiotherapy.
  2. State how to achieve good immobilization of the lung cancer patient.
  3. Explain the first treatment course – how to use the skin marks and reference marks from the PET/CT scan.
  4. State the basic principles of tumour delineation in general and with PET/CT.
  5. Outline pitfalls when working with PET/CT for radiotherapy planning.
  6. Discuss collaboration between PET and radiotherapy departments.
  7. Explain how to evaluate the extent of lung tumour motion in PET and CT images.
  8. Outline the significance of the impact of tumour motion for the radiotherapy treatment process.
  9. Define the uncertainties in imaging and treatment of mobile lung tumours.


This session is designed to help radiographers and nuclear medicine technologists to understand the importance of a correct target definition of lung cancer tumors for patients receiving radiotherapy by using PET/CT and 4D PET& CT.

First, the session starts with a practical demonstration showing the importance of good patient immobilization and reproducible positioning from a RTT’s point of view. Next delineation of the tumour by using PET images and the impact of PET/CT on the final treatment plan.

A future prospective about approach and methodology in treatment when using 4D PET & CT to account for breathing related motion.

Key Words:

PET/CT Radiotherapy Planning, Immobilization, Delineation, Collaboration, 4D PET & CT

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