CTE Sessions at EANM’12

EANM’12 – CTE Session IV

October 29, 2012, 16:30 – 18:00
Round Table Discussion on Advanced Practice

Moderators: K. Waterstam-Rich (Rochester), P. Hogg (Manchester)

K. Waterstam-Rich (Rochester), P. Hogg (Manchester)

Educational objectives:

  1. Within nuclear medicine, identify the range of areas in which advanced practices may develop.
  2. For non patient-focused areas (eg radio pharmacy) name some activities that might be considered as advanced practices.
  3. For these non imaging-related practices, identify possible barriers and facilitators for radiographers and technologists assuming the roles.


This session, representing joint work between EANM TC and SNM TS, continues the debate on entry level and advanced practice for nuclear medicine radiographers and technologists. The purpose of this session is to open a new debate to help scope a fuller definition of advanced practice, specifically to determine which domains the concept might be applied to. Arising particularly from the UK, the term advanced practice in medical imaging has almost exclusively applied to advanced clinical roles which are or were formally within the sphere of radiologists and/or nuclear medicine physicians. In this context a particular emphasis has been placed on roles which centrally involved the patient and the imaging process; consequently examples of advanced practice include leading cardiac stress testing and image interpretation. Knowing that nuclear medicine comprises of much more than imaging (eg therapy and radiopharmacy) we intend to identify other practice areas in which advanced practices for nuclear medicine technologists and radiographers might develop. Following a short presentation by one of the moderators, the session will comprise of a multi-professional panel chaired by moderators. The panel will propose points of view about the scope of advanced practice within nuclear medicine and also respond to audience questions / suggestions.

Key Words:

Advanced Practice, Competencies, Nuclear Medicine Technologists, Radiographer, Clinical Role

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