CTE Sessions at EANM’12

EANM’12 – CTE Session V

October 30, 2012, 14:30 – 16:00
Clinical Trials

Moderators: G. Testanera (Rozzano, MI), P. Hogg (Manchester)

A. Chiti (Rozzano, MI):
Imaging in Clinical Trials: Concept and Use of Surrogate Markers
R. Boellaard (Amsterdam):
PET/CT in Clinical Trials, the need of Standardization
L. Omar (Brighton):
How Participating in Clinical Trials may Improve Technologists’ Daily Practice?

Educational objectives:

  1. Acquire a general knowledge the definition and use of endpoints in oncology
  2. Understand the possibilities and limits of surrogate imaging biomarkers
  3. Be familiar with the imaging biomarker in PET and their uses
  4. Understand the factors affecting SUV and SUV responses
  5. Understand the need for harmonization rather than standardisation alone
  6. Highlight the EARL accreditation program and what you need to get accreditation
  7. Identify how clinical trials can be used as a driver to advance clinical practice
  8. Recognize how participation in clinical trials can benefit technologists


This session will talk about how participating in clinical trials may improve daily practice in a Nuclear Medicine department. It will also focus on technologist role in clinical trials and how they may advance their competencies by actively participating in them. The item will be explained by three different point of view (Physician, Physicist, Technologist) to give a deeper insight into a multidisciplinary practice as Nuclear Medicine.

Key Words:

Clinical Trials, Surrogate Markers, PET-CT, Standardization, Daily Practice, Accreditation, Technologists

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