CTE Sessions at EANM’12

EANM’12 – CTE Session VI

October 31, 2012, 09:30 – 10:45
Good Clinical Practice

Moderator: V. Veloso Jerónimo (Portugal)

N. Gulliver (UK):
Good Clinical Practice: The Technologist Role in Daily Practice
Ivalina Hristova (Belgium):
Good Clinical Practice for the Imaging Technologist: Retrospective Quality Control of FDG-PET in an EORTC Sub-Study
C. Pestean (Romania):
UEMS/EBNM Accreditation of Nuclear Medicine Departments: Technologists’ Role

Educational objectives:

  1. State how to perform good clinical practice procedures in daily work
  2. Identify common mistakes and pitfalls that can lead to poor practice in daily work
  3. Overview of the GCP principles for the nuclear medicine technologists involved in multicenter clinical trials
  4. Outline the Accreditation of NM Departments proceedings and demonstrate its need and utility
  5. Identify the Technologist / Radiographer role during the Accreditation proceedings


Nowadays good clinical practice is a common concern for the nuclear medicine department’s staff. There are available several international guidelines (and other regulatory documents) that have to be adjusted to the department procedures in order to achieve good clinical procedures. During this process, and daily work, several mistakes and pitfalls can occur and transform good practice in poor practice.
For those technologists which daily practice involves multicenter clinical trials, good clinical practice procedures are essential to ensure clinical trial validity. As a result from this need of achieving good clinical practice, and be at the same level of others departments, many NM departments are by now starting the Accreditation Process. For many technologists its proceedings can be frightful because they don’t understand their role in the process

Key Words:

Good Clinical Practice; Multicenter Clinical Trials; Accreditation; Technologist Role

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